About Us

A pastor and a principal walk into a brewery…


Many businesses talk about their community

as an important part of what they do. We at Wolf Hollow Brewing Company believe that we were born from our community and fostering relationships around craft beer is our mission. The story goes that Jordan White and Pete Bednarek were sharing homebrews on their porches in West Glenville with neighbors when the idea to start a brewery took hold. Early conversations with neighbors and friends led to the the commitment of those who would become Founders who gave this community brewery its start. In any other community it may seem unlikely; a minister and a principal, both remaining committed to their original calling, decide to open a microbrewery with the support of family and friends – but in this special place it really happened.

In November 2013 WHBC opened its doors in the West Glenville Grange Hall to fill growlers on Thursday and Friday nights – or until the beer ran out. Brewing less than 80 gallons each week (6 batches!) on a 1/2 BBL system, the weekly routine was a challenge. We were up early and out late almost every day figuring out how to keep the beer flowing and the message moving. The original four taps always carried White’s Wit, Wolf Hollow Amber, District 6 IPA and one “seasonal” beer. Our earliest Wolf Pack Members would visit at least once each month (some each week) and while no one could drink a pint on site folks would make their samples last a while so they could linger a bit and meet new friends. Jenna worked the point of sale and our kiddos were frequently on hand helping us roll kegs to the kegerator.

One year after opening our doors, Jordan and Pete welcomed Bill Kenneally into the partnership as an owner. Bill brought fresh eyes and expertise as an attorney and he had a vision for the next location of WHBC. In March of 2015 Bill allowed us to move the entire brewery into his barn while we feverishly prepped the buildings and property at 6882 Amsterdam Road for our re-opening on a new 7BBL brew system. Again, with the help of the Wolf Hollow community we reopened in July 2015. Bill is also the owner of Buzzards Bay BBQ, which operates at our site and provides a perfect compliment to the fresh brews served up at WHBC. The following summer we expanded our space with the opening of our patio for outdoor seating and one summer later WHBC doubled it’s brewing capacity by adding fermentation and cold storage space. Wolf Hollow now carries 16 different beers all brewed on site but those three originals are still on lines one, two and three.

Our family has grown – beyond just our wives and kids – we now have folks who help us make this operation possible 7 days of the week. As a self-distributed microbrewery with a growing operation we are blessed with a committed team of people who do everything it takes to keep Wolf Hollow moving. The people you meet behind the bar and on the road are part of our family; the folks who brew the beer are making deliveries and selling and marketing and innovating because they also believe in beauty of fostering a stronger community with fresh, craft beer.

When we talk about the community that gave us our start we are thinking of so many who have become a part of Wolf Hollow by contributing in whatever way they could – building, cleaning, designing, surveying, advising, drawing, painting, giving, branding, and mostly telling others about this little place where you could fill your growler with fresh beer in West Glenville. There’s a story about a friend or a group of friends behind every piece of what you see (and some don’t see) in our brewery. When you stop by for a beer one of us will be there to share those stories. Better yet, just have a seat in the taproom and ask the person next to you how they know about this place. Chances are good, you’ll get a great story and they will tell you their part in it; that’s what we believe is special about this place.

If you were an original member of the Wolf Pack who signed up to go get a growler filled on snowy nights in West Glenville – this is Your Beer.

If you heard about a fun and relaxing place to meet up with friends and family over brews and barbeque – this is Your Beer.

If you enjoy the music of great local artists and raise a glass while tapping your foot to their tunes in the Taproom – this is Your Beer.

If you see the tap handle with the wolf on a yellow moon at your favorite local establishment – this is Your Beer.

If you have joined us in one of the many community fundraising events we support – this is Your Beer.

If you bring growlers or a pack of cans to gatherings with friends and share the fresh goodness with others – this is Your Beer.

If you’ve only heard about a special place out in West Glenville –this is


We can’t wait to meet you.