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Your Seasonal Selections

Your community changes with the seasons, and so should you beer. Stop by and see what we're brewing this month.

Christmas Scotch Ale – Scottish Wee Heavy – ABV 8.6%

Our Seasonal beers are often darker and heavier than the WHBC Mainstays.  This wee heavy takes it to the max with a robust grain bill, strong whisky overtones, and weighing in at 8.6%.  The Scotch Ale gets a little extra attention around the brewery both from the brewers who add bourbon-soaked oak chips to the fermenter and from the customers who eagerly line up outside the brewery to get a chance at ushering in the Holiday Season sip by sip.

Peaty Porter – American Porter – ABV 6.0%

When Christmas has passed and true winter settles in on the hills of West Glenville, we settle in by the wood stove or fireplace with friends and a pint of the Peaty Porter.  This brew delivers a comforting, earthy taste which comes from the unique peat-smoked malt that we use.  This Porter is smooth and warming without any harsh smokiness.  Whether you spend your day on the tow ropes at Ski Venture or keeping the pathway to the woodshed clear so the fires are stoked, WHBC's Peaty Porter is the perfect winter brew to get you through.

Campout Stout – Irish Stout – ABV 5.0%

When the light is longer in West Glenville and the sap is flowing with sunny days and cold nights, our thoughts turn to spring rituals such as pancake breakfasts, St. Patrick's celebrations, and increasing opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.  Whether you allow for beer with your Irish breakfast or just enjoy a good stout under the stars of the spring sky, Wolf Hollow's flavorful Campout Stout is the perfect companion.  Rich and smooth with hints of coffee, this Irish-style stout is perfect for "waking up" from winter and bringing on the new season.  Come camp out with Wolf Hollow.

Pulpit Supply Brown – American Brown Ale – ABV 5.2%

This American Brown Ale has a solid malt profile which delivers more flavor than a traditional English Brown but finishes much dryer due to it's dry hop qualities. The Nugget hop used provides subtle florals reminiscent of the District 6. When Wolf Hollow's Brewmaster made a decision to "put off" seminary in favor of brew school, one of his colleagues famously responded, "Lord knows, preachers need beer too." Once a brewer, he was able to return to seminary and move into ministry. At Wolf Hollow we believe it all comes together when people gather to enjoy good beer and foster relationships. Enjoy Pulpit Supply Brown this spring and cultivate community.

Midnight Dreary Black IPA – Black IPA – ABV 8.2%

Our twist on this new cult-classic style is an india pale ale that maintains that perfect hop presence through the finish while leading off with a rich flavor from the roasted barley and and notes of chocolate and coffee.  This Black IPA gets our biggest dry hop midweek and delivers a robust and complex experience for hop heads and dark beer lovers alike.  Whether you're a literary scholar, fan of the macabre, or  just a friend of the WHBC President's dog, we think you're wanderings in the night will go better with the the Midnight Dreary in your growler.

Fall Tree Oktoberfest – Oktoberfest – ABV 6.3%

When the summer evenings begin to cool off and the wind starts to blow colored leaves into the cold Fall Tree Kill which runs through West Glenville, we know it's time to enjoy brewfests and bonfires with friends. As we settle into the routine of post-summer life we gain some consolation from the rich malt profile and toasty notes of this deep orange-colored ale. Though the vegetation begins to wither and fade around us, this Autumn brew is crafted with a fresh finish like the traditional German Oktoberfests of old and leaves the palette clean and the thirsting for another sip. So heap on the sauerkraut, strike up band and pass the Fall Tree Kill Oktoberfest.