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You asked for it…we’re working on it!

Probably the most popular question that has been asked during the 3 short months that Wolf Hollow Brewing Company has been fully operational has been, “So, why don’t you guys make more beer?”

The question is a simple one – and a good one – given the fact that we have sold out of beer every week since we opened on Veterans Day.  The answer is a bit more complex.  Brewing more beer means a number of things for WHBC.  First, we keep our four fermenters full 24/7.  There are only about 12 hours a week when they are emptied, cleaned and then filled again.  Second, we need to add small refrigeration units around those fermenters so that we have the ability to take care of the fermenting beer according to our protocol so that we can deliver a fresh quality product.

…But who wants to hear all of this…?

The truth is, this week we began the process of adding two fermenters and experimented with additional brews.  We expect to make the announcement very soon that we have more than four batches available each week for Thursday Night sales.  This will likely make the customers happy and to those of you who have been wondering about your spot on the Wolfpack Waiting List – stay tuned…good news should follow!


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