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Wolfpack Memberships in 8.5 hours!!!

We know many of you are in your beds staring at the ceiling…eyes wide open…fearful that you might not wake up, yet thrilled by the day which is about to dawn…

We give you this post so that you can take one last look at facebook and Twitter and double check your alarm clocks.  Now go check your back-up alarm clock in case the power mysteriously goes out in a conspiracy to keep you out of the Pack…

Ok…now go get some shut-eye.  You need to be at your best to answer a few quick questions and enter accurate information to join the Wolf Pack sometime after 8am.

If you are a little trigger happy and you sign on just before the form is up (will be right here on the front page of then hit your refresh button.

Good luck!

You’re about to get Your Beer.  Brewed Here.

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