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Wolf Hollow for the Holidays

It’s time to start thinking strategically for all your beverage and gifting needs for the upcoming Holiday season.  That’s right.  We have no idea how many shopping days are left but we do know how many times the Brewery will be open before you begin sharing the delicious freshness of WHBC with your friends and family – 2!

Plan ahead:  We sold 78 gallons of beer in 1.5 hours the night before Thanksgiving.  In order to avoid the rush, consider this: the beer you buy in growlers THIS THURSDAY (12/12) will be good-to-go for Christmas if you keep it capped and refrigerated until then.  So stop by sometime around 5pm this Thursday and pick up an extra one or two for the celebration and then come back on the 19th to get yourself in final position to run the course of Christmas and New Year’s.

Remember we will not be open the week of Christmas.  We will open our doors again on January 2nd with a new Seasonal Brew (check back here for the big announcement).

Also, remember that Wolf Hollow offers Gift Cards for that craft beer enthusiast in your life.  What better gift than an opportunity to send him/her up to the hills of West Glenville to get their beer from the principal and the preacher.  Your Beer. Brewed Here.

Happy Holidays!

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