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WHBC “Family of Fame”

Introducing the first induction to the Wolf Hollow Brewing Company’s Family of Fame – 

We are so thankful for the group of special folks that have given something significant in the effort of getting this venture off the ground and/or sustaining it through it’s early days that we would like to recognize some of them here on our website.  Perhaps someday when we have this small business thing all figured out and we have extra time on our hands, we will have a big fancy ceremony for these people – they certainly deserve it…but for now we will have to be satisfied with some recognition in our little corner of the internet.

If you click on the Family of Fame tab on our home page you will be able to read a bit about each of our inductees as we unveil them during the coming days and weeks. For now, you can see a description of why we are doing this and meet the first member of the Family of Fame, Heath Ahnert.  Stay tuned for additional updates.  There is no particular order to the inductions…(other than maybe that we are starting with the folks for whom we have pictures!)  We hope you enjoy meeting these people as much as we enjoy their friendship.

Many thanks,
Jordan and Pete

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