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WHBC builds community – it’s in our mission.

Our 3 mainstays and regular Seasonals pair well with many foods and most activities…This weekend it fit just perfectly with the great conditions at Ski Venture right here in West Glenville.

WHBC by fire at Venture

There are many great reasons to visit West Glenville (or to live here – for those of us who do!)

This week Wolf Hollow Brewing Company is announcing another step in its ongoing efforts to support community life here by offering a discount to members of any local West Glenville organizations. 

So if you are a member of one of the following organizations (and not already a Wolf Pack Member) make sure you mention your membership of such to Jenna at checkout to receive your discount this Thursday!

West Glenville Volunteer Fire Co. or Auxiliary
West Glenville Reformed Church
West Glenville Grange
Ski Venture



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