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WHBC at Saratoga Beer Summit

While the snow piled up outside the Civic Center in Saratoga Springs on Saturday, Wolf Hollow Brewing Co. poured samples of WHBC Amber, District 6 IPA, and the last of the Seasonal Peaty Porter for participants at the annual American on Tap Event.

There were two tasting sessions and WHBC brews were well received and we had many great conversations with other folks in the industry.

One person took the time to share his thoughts on the Wolf Hollow Amber in a message to the Brewery the next day:

I tried your amber ale at the event in Saratoga on Saturday, and wanted to let you know this was by far my favorite beer of everything I sampled — good enough to make a purposeful trip back to your booth at the end of my day to have a full taster as my last beer of the day.

The amber was excellent in its balance and malt complexity, and I really appreciated that it did not try to cover up these traits with too much hop character. The beer was really a shining example of quality in a field that had too many IPAs and high alcohol options.  – Chuck

We want send out our thanks to all the members and friends who wore WHBC gear and to specifically thank our volunteers who assisted WHBC with set-up, pouring, and take-down.  You make the Brewery successful!


IMG_3223Thanks: Jason, Maggie, Dave, John and Jill

Check back tomorrow for the Single Run Series announcement for Thursday night – you won’t want to miss it!


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