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What do you know about those guys at Wolf Hollow Brewing Co?

Just wear one of our t-shirts around town, or throw a sticker on a vehicle or even a glass or growler and you are bound to get the question – probably sooner rather than later.

Tonight we are introducing a new page on the website called “Speaking of Wolf Hollow” as a place where we will begin to add the “sightings of Wolf Hollow gear” as well as the comments of our loyal friends and customers.  One of those friends, Dave Aldi helped us with some video of our customers just the other night.  Check out this section of our page to hear from two of our favorite customers (one is a Founder!)

We haven’t done a whole lot of advertising because we believe locally crafted, fresh beer has a way of making a market for itself but that hasn’t stopped folks from talking us up – which of course we don’t mind…

It’s not like we are trying to keep it a secret – but we prefer to let others do the talking.  Thus far Jordan and Pete are too busy making sure they keep their “day jobs” and pouring energy into YOUR BEER. BREWED HERE. to really have time to market a business.  (You don’t really want to see either of us jumping out of a vat of beer or sifting through unidentified grains anyway, do you?)


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