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We’d like to propose a toast –

Would you raise a glass with us?

pint glass

It’s the One-Year Anniversary of



It was November 11th last year when a small group we call Founders & Contributors gathered to celebrate the first batches of Wolf Hollow Beer from the fermenters.  We will always be grateful to this group of friends who had the confidence and generosity to trust us to create something new – a nano brewery in the hills of West Glenville with a mission centered on good beer and great people coming together to enhance the community.

Over the course of one year, we have learned many things, met tremendous people, and benefited from everyone’s contributions to “your brewery.”  Today, on our 1st Anniversary, we wish to send out our sincere thanks to all the Wolf Pack Members and loyal WHBC customers.   So whether you’ve visited once or we know what beer you want as you walk through the door…raise a glass with us today.  We’re glad to have you with us.

Cheers –

Jordan & Pete

PS stay tuned to the website for some exciting announcements in the coming days…


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