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Time to Spread the Word – 17 Spots left in The Pack

Wolf Pack Membership Application Form

Hey folks!

With an eye towards our grand opening, this coming Monday, November 11, at 4pm, we just wanted to take a moment to update you all on the progress of our sign-ups for the Wolf Pack. We currently have only 17 spots left. After those spots are filled, people will be placed on a waiting list for the next time that we open up memberships.

Please pass the word along via Facebook and Twitter that now is the time to get your growlers filled up for cheaper! We may not be opening new memberships for a while after these 17 are grabbed up. It will all depend on our production rate and your demand for this product. If demand stays high, which we are anticipating it will, it could be a while before we’ll be able to offer more memberships.

Just fill out the quick form above and wait to receive an email. We’ll announce when our memberships are filled and we begin the waiting list.

We open in just one week and we’re looking forward to seeing you up here in the hills!

Brewer J

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