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Thursday “eve”

It’s no longer Wednesday…it’s the second-best night of the week!  We reopen our doors tomorrow at 5:00pm to spread some more of the goodness.  Whether you need a refill after you shared your good beer with all your friends and family during the holiday, or whether you are checking us out for the first time – we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the brewery.

The “good word” on the WHBC is certainly spreading around West Glenville and beyond – and we’re happy about that.  It’s also good news that folks are realizing if they want a shot at a selection of great craft brews they need to come early because supply is limited.  A few have asked the obvious question – why don’t you brew more beer?  There are a number of answers to this question and a lot of factors to consider.  We just updated the About us section of our website which should provide some insight into who we are and why we do what we do.  That’s the short answer.  We can share the long answer with you in person because your brewers are the guys who fill your growlers.

Last week we installed our “express line” for Wolfpack members.  This provides an additional perk for those who are Members (and service that is a bit quicker).  It seemed to work well so we will continue with this plan for now.  Additionally, if you are a potential customer (member or not) and you are still standing in line when the last keg kicks we will provide you with a ticket for the express line the next time you visit the brewery.  Although this isn’t a long-term solution to getting everyone beer it will offer us the chance to spread the goodness around and make it so the waiting was not in vain!

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work out these situations in the early weeks of our young business.

See you Thursday!

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