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Throwback Wednesday 6/27!!

Special event this Wednesday 4:00pm - 8:00pm  Throwback Night!
After almost 3 years in our current brewery we have decided to take an evening to look back and remember the "old days."  

Here's what's on tap for Wednesday June 27:

* Pete and Jordan will be pouring beers and filling growlers from the trusty kegerator all evening
* Only 3 original mainstays available for pints and growler fills (Hey, we said AUTHENTIC - but don't worry - we won't run out!)
* The original brew system will be on display
* Slideshow of the earliest days of WHBC 
* Come share a memory of your own from the Days in the Grange - get a discount on your purchase!
* Learn about the full history of WHBC from home-brews on a front porch to the brewery we enjoy today
* Take a tour of the brewery and see what's new
* Chat with Bill, Jordan, and Pete about the future of the brewery at our home on Rt. 5 - exciting future ahead!

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