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The story of the frosty towers

There are so many details about how our beer is carefully brewed and handled to guarantee that it reaches your taste buds with the highest quality and remains as fresh possible.  We’d love to tell you all about this at our GRAND OPENING (Monday, November 11th 4pm – 9pm) or any subsequent Thursday evening when you stop by the brewery.  Today we just share one small but significant aspect of all that.  The kegorator from which we serve our 3 mainstay brews and 1 seasonal came with just two tap lines.  Clearly this wouldn’t be efficient; nor would it be sufficient.  Thanks to a lifelong friend of Brewer P, we were able to achieve four fully refrigerated tap lines in two towers rising out of the kegerator.   Bob Hornlein is a long-retired tool and die maker  (88 years old) who was knowledgable enough and generous enough to fire up his old equipment and help us drill out the thick stainless parts that needed to be modified.  These look so slick (and perhaps so natural) that you might overlook them when you have your beer poured and so we thought we would give you this close-up look at them.


Here is a picture of our friend, Bob Hornlein, at work in his shop making the magic happen:

photo copy


So what does it all really mean?  This is just another way we make certain that our beer is never warmed from the time we crash it until is is safely in your growler and going out the door with you.  Refrigeration in your car is your domain!



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