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The news is out!

WHBC would like to thank a number of people for helping to make our Grand Opening truly special.  Of course, our Founders and Contributors are first and foremost in our minds as the nano brewery could never have become a reality without them.  Not only did they give generously to get us started, but they have invested time and emotion with us throughout this process.  Some of them were even helping us with the Grand Opening event last night.

Rick Sleeper generously provided some delicious appetizers from The Cock & Bull Restaurant in Galway, for our customers to enjoy as they visited.

Justin Mason  and Patrick Dodson of the Daily Gazette teamed up to run a story that made the front page of the local section in today’s paper.  It is also available online if you have a subscription to the Gazette online version.  If you don’t get the online version you can at least see some great pics by Patrick Dodson in the photo gallery.

Around 5:30pm we held an impromptu ribbon cutting ceremony and were fortunate to have James MacFarland (Director of Operations for Town of Glenville) introduce Town Supervisor, Christopher Koetzle and NYS Assemblyman James Tedisco (112th District).  Both gentlemen spoke briefly of their interest and support of the community-minded, local vision of the Wolf Hollow Brewing Company and wished our small venture success.  The ribbon was cut and we went on filling growlers!

Many neighbors, friends, and people who have been following our quiet-but-steady progress were able to get a taste of what we are all about – and today the word is spreading…there’s something good brewing in West Glenville.

We do want to correct one point in the newspaper article.  We will NOT be open on Mondays. 

Our hours for the foreseeable future will be:
THURSDAYS: 4:30pm – 9:30pm*

*Check back here on the website or Facebook/twitter) after we close on Thursday to see if we will open again on Friday.
If supply holds up we will be open again at 4:30 on Friday until we run out for the week…otherwise you have to make your supply last until the following Thursday!

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