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Spots Still Available in Pack – Act Now!

Wolf Pack Membership Application Form

Hey folks, the good news that an hour into our lottery there are still spots left in the Wolf Pack.  If you perhaps thought that you wouldn’t make it in time, well here’s your opportunity.

We will leave this form here all day long, so jump in a fill it out as you’re likely to get a spot in the Pack.  Even if you don’t get a spot in the pack, you’ll be one of the first on our waiting list.  Also, at least right now, there’s room for your friends, so let your friends and family know about this great deal that allows you buy beer at much cheaper price than all those “regular-old-non-Pack-member-people.”

Just send all your beer enthusiast friends a quick link to this page and tell them to move on it quickly.


Brewer J

One thought on “Spots Still Available in Pack – Act Now!

  1. Hi
    This is awesome. My husband and I live in W Glenville and would love to be part of the wolf pack. Where do we bring the $100? Thanks
    Betsy Russo/Mark Hannon

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