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Sleeper’s Dream – Belgian Maple Porter

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Introducing the new, single-run batch of Belgian Maple Porter!

In the spirit of this past winter which did its best to hang around and “reach out and grab at us” as we slogged our way into spring, this beer harkens back to the winter Seasonal brew (Peaty Porter) with a few special twists.  The Director of Brewing Operations has cooked up a Belgian version of the Porter with a unique infusion of local maple syrup boiled just up the road at The Cock-n-Bull by our friend Rick Sleeper.

This Belgian Porter has less smokey/earthy qualities than our Peaty Porter but picks up a nice infusion of maple from the taps in trees – not too sweet; just the perfect brew to kick back by the evaporator pan and enjoy the coming of spring.  All taps are flowing – the ones in Galway maple trees and the ones at the Wolf Hollow Brewing Co.

Our great thanks to the many Founders and Contributors who offered many great suggestions for the name of this brew.  Unfortunately, we could only choose one.

Congratulations to Founder John Bednarek for having the winning name elected from more than 25 suggestions!  There were so many good ones, but this beer (heavily assisted by the evaporating efforts of Rick and his faithful companion, Tugg) will be known as Sleeper’s Dream, Belgian Maple Porter.

Only 13 gallons to be sold – get it Thursday starting at 5:00pm.

Your Trees.  Tapped Here.

Your Beer. Brewed Here.


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