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“Signing Party set for March”

The WHBC is proud to announce that on March 23rd it will host an exclusive, invitation only, event for those who have indicated a commitment to become a Contributing Member or Founding Member of the Brewery. This momentous occasion will be a celebration of garnering the necessary funds to submit for our liquor license and begin the final phase towards start-up of the Wolf Hollow Brewing Company. The centerpiece of the evening’s celebration will be the moment when our donors sign over their checks and complete all necessary paperwork. This night will include entertainment, food, and the unveiling of new promotional merchandise, which will be included in our complimentary gift packages for each Contributing and Founding Member. If you are not currently on our list to receive a personalized invitation, and would like to contribute to the Brewery, email us at right away to secure a spot. On the Monday following this event, the brewers will proudly submit the completed application for licensure to the NYS Liquor Authority and we will await the opportunity to purchase all necessary equipment in hopes of a Grand Opening in the late Spring. Once the Application is submitted to the the NYS Liquor Authority, we will not longer be accepting Contributing and Founding Members, so if you’d like a spot on the bus, this is your ticket!

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