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Shiny New Brew Magic

Hey folks,

We are happy to announce that we are finally a brewery that owns it own beer-brewing equipment! We spent the morning on Wednesday carting home our brand new shiny Sabco Brew-Magic, fresh out of Toledo, Ohio. Yeah Ohio!!!

So here are some photos of the Sabco’s journey to the hills of West G:

The YRC Freight terminal at 5:56 am.

The Brew-Magic taking its first ride in the back of a pickup.

Proud Papa on delivery day.

Shout out to Sabco Industries!

Isn’t it lovely how nice a fermenter looks in the early morning sun.

This is where your beer will come from!

The Brew-Magic Frame.

Ewwww… Sabco Guts!

Can’t wait to take the shine of these babies!!!

Keep checking back for updates on the process. We hope to have beer to you as soon as the authorities tell us its ok.

Brewer J – DOBO

One thought on “Shiny New Brew Magic

  1. Of course, we all know about the great and bloodless Michigan-Ohio War (1835-36) which involved a dispute over the Toledo Strip. Ohio won the war and claimed Toledo. Michigan lost and claimed the UP.


    Anyway, my favorite line from the Wikipedia article on the War: “The single military confrontation of the ‘war’ ended with a report of shots being fired into the air, incurring no casualties.”

    I guess I’ll settle for the fact that Ohio is outpacing every other non-NY state in WHBC support.


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