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RIDE with the Wolf Pack!



Ever wonder how you could get your workout AND your fresh beer in the same night?  Wolf Pack Member Ken Manning can help you make it happen!
If you enjoy cycling and great beer, West Glenville is the place to be:

Join a group of Wolf Hollow Brewing Company patrons for rides from the Brew House.

On the first Thursday of each month cyclists will depart from West Glenville for a ride, beginning on May 1st.

With the right reserved to adjust as we go, the schedule is this:
Fill growlers between 5:00 – 5:30. Fill preference might be made so riders can be ready to go.
Rides departs at 5:30 from the church parking lot at the intersection of West Glenville and North Roads.
Since the Grange lot is small do not leave your car there during the ride.
Return between 7:00 and 8:00, depending on weather and orneriness of the ride leader upon departure.

The Rules:
1) Be polite.
2) Depart at 5:30 on the dot.
3) Wear a helmet. No exceptions.
4) Be self-sufficient (fix your own flats, bring our own water and nutrition- beer does not count here).
5) Be comfortable going 25-40 miles through the Glenville hills, non-stop, at an average 13-15 mph. We’ll stick together, but you have to be able to keep up and/or wait up.
6) Laugh at all jokes shared by the ride leader, funny or not. See Rule #1.

As the need might arise, faster and/or slower rides can also be organized, but this is where we’re starting, and the aforementioned ride leader is responsible for this one only. And by “responsible” I mean I’ll preplan the route and will say “go” and then later say “stop”.

Remember, cycling can be dangerous and you alone are responsible for your safe return each and every time you go out.

The Ride Leader (and currently the sole member of the club):
Ken Manning
Ken at for other questions.
You can sign up now at the Brewery to make sure you RIDE IN STYLE with a jersey that looks something like the following:

We anticipate placing an order for Wolf Hollow Brewing cycling jerseys in early summer to get them back in time for the riding season.

If interested parties have businesses they would like to be included on the jersey, please contact Ken Manning ( for details ASAP. We would like to have several businesses on the jerseys to 1) further enhance the community aspect that is behind all that Wolf Hollow Brewing is trying to establish, and 2) help subsidize the cost of the jerseys to get more people into them and get them out there on the roads.
WE WILL POST A SIGN-UP FOR CYCLISTS IN THE BREWERY THIS WEEK. (We will also have a list of those interested in puchasing a jersey – as you don’t necessarily have to ride with this group to get a jersey. Remember, the more businesses/organizations supporting – the better the offering!)

Your Ride. Starts Here.

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