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Peaty Porter – 2 Weeks to Go

Hey folks,

I know it is indeed sad news, but we are winding down production of our Winter Seasonal, Peaty Porter, to make way for the new seasonal beer to arrive in March. This being said, we wanted to make you aware that though there are three weeks left in February, you only have 2 more weeks to enjoy the brewer’s favorite, Peaty Porter, a robust and satisfying peat-smoked winter porter.

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It will be available this week and the next and then the last week in February, on our seasonal tap, we will be offering a single-run, specialty brew for one week only before our March/April Seasonal is introduced.

Come out and get the Peaty Porter while its still here.  After next week, you’ll have to wait until 2015 comes around to get your hands on this delicious nectar.

Don’t miss the Peat!

See you tomorrow at 5:00 and remember, there’s plenty of beer to go around.

Brewer J

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