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One week from today…


The only question is, “Will you have enough good beer to share with your friends?”

Choose to make it the freshest, “most local” beer available…stop by Wolf Hollow Brewing Co. on Thursday evening to fill your growlers.  We will have all 3 mainstays plus the Seasonal – and plenty of it!  (We are increasing production this week!)

The co-owners of the WHBC have hosted a Superbowl party for many years and while we always provided what were probably the best deep fried chicken wings (from the local flock) in town…we KNOW we always had the freshest brew of any party around.  Join us in putting out a great spread for your friends and family!

Get prepped on Thursday night with YOUR BEER. BREWED HERE.

2 thoughts on “One week from today…

  1. Do you have to purchase a growler or can you still stop in and sample while supplies last? I usually work until 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays…too late?

    1. No purchase is required – our license allows us to offer a sample of each kind on tap. No; 7:30 – 8:00 is not too late. We still had all four brews available at that time last week. Hope to see you at WHBC!

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