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On January 2nd…WHBC presents: Peaty Porter

All the youth in the land are fidgeting in their beds, eyes starring at the ceiling, ears straining to hear that faint sound…and the Wolfpack and Wolf Hollow Faithful hit refresh every few seconds to see what the next Seasonal Brew will be…

Without further delay (it is Christmas Eve after all and the hour is late)…For the next two months, the Wolf Hollow Brewing Company proudly offers (in addition to the three mainstay beers) this Seasonal Brew…

Peaty Porter   ABV 6.0%
When Christmas has passed and true winter settles in on the hills of West Glenville, we settle in by the wood stove or fireplace with friends and a pint of the Peaty Porter.  This brew delivers a comforting, earthy taste which comes from the unique peat-smoked malt that we use.  This Porter is smooth and warming without any harsh smokiness.  Whether you spend your day on the tow ropes at Ski Venture or keeping the pathway to the woodshed clear so the fires are stoked, WHBC’s Peaty Porter is the perfect winter brew to get you through.


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