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Next brew up in the Single-Run Series goes on tap Thursday @ 5:00pm

Head on over to your neighborhood Brewery as close to 5:00pm as you can and grab a taste of Crime & Coconut!

This Russian Imperial Stout will help us usher in the next season with its sublime balance of bitter and sweet in a rich, dark brew.  Weighing in at 8.5%, this delicious stout is infused with coconut and cocoa.  The Director of Brewing Operations bordered on crimes against his “principles of brewing” with this one but the result is a beer that is perfect for the final, frigid weeks of a long, harsh winter.  Step out of the cold and take a taste of Crime…without the punishment.

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Congratulations to Founders John Bednarek and Adam Musser who each contributed to the inspiration for the brewing and naming of this beer.  John got the coconut in a brew and Adam got us thinking about Russian Literature for the name.

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