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New containers = New members

The last few weeks have been filled with “great additions” to the Wolf Hollow Brewing Co.

We’ve added both people and equipment to continue to do what we do.  We needed the additional fermenter space so that we could brew more times each week which required us to have more serving vessels to store that extra beer – which ultimately meant we could have more MEMBERS, which is what it is all about for us at WHBC.

Each of the last two weeks we have opened up approximately 10 more slots in the Wolf Pack Membership.  This means we have moved through 2/3 of the waiting list that had been growing from the website and word-of-mouth interest.  If you have applied for Wolf Pack Membership at this point, we should be calling your name before the month is out!

Though we used to sell out of all our beer (or at least the popular styles) in less than 2 hours, our production increase has more than met the demand.  You can count on us being in the brewery with ALL 4 TAPS FLOWING until at least 8:30 on Thursday night now.  So spread the word – especially to those who have a longer ride to West Glenville or who get out of work a bit later.

Hope to see you Thursday!


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