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New brewery. New ways to enjoy.

Glasses and GrainLast week was an event we’ll always remember. It was a one of a kind reopening that could not have been possible without your loyalty and support. But, now it’s back to work. Back to being open each week with our freshest beer brewed and ready to go. Back to normal.

Well, the new normal. Our expansion comes with more than just more space. Come back again this week to experience two more fresh opportunities afforded to us by this new space:


  1. Our new Pint club opens this Thursday. Plan on visiting us each week for a draft or two? Why not get a special glass and save a little coin while you do it! Ask for details at the bar.
  2. Speaking of pints, our ability to serve fresh pints is coupled to new New York State law that allows us to serve beer as long as food is available for purchase on property. Our in house eatery Buzzards Bay is fully open tomorrow and serving tasty barbecue dinners for sale in our tap room.  Legally obligated? More like legally delicious!

Can’t wait to see you at your reopened brewery this week!

2 thoughts on “New brewery. New ways to enjoy.

  1. Peter,
    It was our pleasure to be in attendance for the Grand (Reopening) of the WOLF HOLLOW BREWING CO. We are wishing you and your endeavor the best of luck. Looking forward to watching the success you will surely obtain as time goes forward.

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