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Mid-Winter Blues

Any of you who are like me are experiencing the mid-winter blues not because it’s cold but because there’s no damn snow!!  Instead of hitting the slopes or snowshoeing a wooded trail we are simply just surviving the cold, shlepping in the firewood, bundling in layers and watching, still hopeful, for a flake or two (feet) of the white stuff.

Alas, what’s a winter-phile to do?  Whether you are wishing for snow or the warm summer sun, let Wolf Hollow give you some moments of reprise.  Bring your friends and family down for a pint and a bite to eat tomorrow from 12-10pm!  All day we will be once again featuring the Rogue Pig  pop-up gastro-pub!  Check out this menu:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 7.28.42 PM

Additionally, as per Wolf Hollow tradition, we have a Saturday Cask Tap featuring Maple Mocha Amber, cask tapped at 4pm!  Chef Patrick Kenneally of the Rogue Pig designed the South of the Border Beef to pair expertly with this real ale, so come enjoy!  Hoist a pint and hope for snow!


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