Brewery News

Many thanks for a good night!

The Director of Brewing Operations returns to West Glenville tomorrow and we think he will find the brewery in a good place thanks to the many caring folks who pitched in over the last two week and thanks to our faithful customers who helped us reach the SOLD OUT point again tonight.

We’d like to make a special shout out to Ken Hayner, Dan and Barb Diggins, Jill Busman, Rick Sleeper, Dave and Sandy Stoll, Jill Bednarek, Dan Testo, Becky White, and Steve Dempsey tonight.  All of these people pitched in tonight to make sure we had everything we needed in order to complete another great week at the nano brewery.   From washing glasses to pulling out a carpet remnant for customers to walk over the mud…you did it all! This business is about you and you are what make it possible to enjoy the journey.  Many of these folks are Founders – they are what make this special.

We are NOT OPEN this Friday…See you next Thursday!

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