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Lots of beer up here…

Hey folks,

This is a monumental week for Wolf Hollow Brewing Company as we have available for sale tomorrow night, more beer than we have ever had.  We have 8 Serving Vessels full of Wolf Hollow Goodness at the ready when you walk through the door.


This is our official “Brewboard” that we use to keep track of the beer and as you will note, not a single tank in our facility is empty!

We ran out of beer.

You were sad.

We were sad.

We brewed more beer.

Start sweeping off those cars and blowing out those driveways now so that you can be assured to make it to the brewery before closing tomorrow.  We won’t close because we’ve run out of beer, so even if you can’t get to us right at 5:00 or even 6:00 or 6:30, still plan to come out as I’m sure we’ll have beer for you.

See you tomorrow night!

Brewer J


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