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Liquor License Received and First Batch Brewed!!!

We are excited to finally be able to share with you the news that Wolf Hollow Brewing Company is now fully licensed by the New York State Liquor Authority. We apologize that we have been a little silent on the website as of late but we’ve been busy finalizing the set up at the Glenville Grange Hall. When the Liquor License came in, it was a mad rush to finish our installations so that we could get up and running. We’ve been working with propane, electrical, and plumbing specialists to bring this thing across the finish line.

So, now that all of that is done, we have a moment to breathe and update the site. So, with all excuses laid aside…. we are now pleased to tell you that on Tuesday of this week, we ran Batch Number 1 of Wolf Hollow Beer through the Sabco Brew Magic at the Glenville Grange Hall in West Glenville, NY. Paying homage to the month in which our first brew hit the fermenter, we brewed our Oktoberfest of course!

We will be posting more information over the weekend as we prepare for our Grand Opening, which we are hopeful will be in early November. You’ll want to be sure to stay posted on what’s going on here as Your Wolf Hollow Beer will soon be available for purchase in your very own 64 ounce growler!

This site will be busy in the next week or so as we update the look and feel and give you all the vital information you need to get your hands on our brew!

Check out some of these photos, which map the arrival of our first grain order and our first brew at Wolf Hollow Brewing Company.

The Nissan Frontier gets A Duie Pyle of grain in the bed!

First Mash!

The Sabco in all its glory.

The delicious deep amber of Oktoberfest as it flows through the sight tube during the mash.

The Nissan’s put to work again as the kegerator shows up in the middle of Batch 1.

20131010-001643.jpg Beautiful beer on the brink of a boil.

20131010-001649.jpg And……. liftoff!

20131010-001656.jpg The first bubbles of fermentation. Your Beer, Brewed Right Here!

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