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Lease Agreement Signed!!!

Hey everyone,

It seems like its been a while, but that’s because we’ve been working hard getting our lease agreement signed with the West Glenville Grange. And we are proud to announce that as of Tuesday night, Wolf Hollow Brewing Company and West Glenville Grange Hall have reached a agreement that will allow WHBC to brew at the Grange for at least the next year.

Along with this great news is that we have submitted the TTB Application in full now. We had most of it in before, but now we have been able to add the lease to it, which is the last required piece. We will likely be submitting our NYS Liquor Authority Application next week and we will be keeping you all up to date on our progress in the licensing process.

In other exciting news, the order for our brew system, the Sabco Brew Magic, has been placed and we are expecting to receive a shipping date in the near future! When this happens, we will let you know and we will surely be posting pictures as we begin to assemble the system that will be bringing you delicious craft beer brewed fresh in the hills of West Glenville!

Spread the word to your Facebook friends and have everyone you know follow us on Twitter. It’s about to get busy over here!

Thanks to all of those who have helped us out thus far. We couldn’t do it without you all!

Brewer J

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