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It’s a Christmas Scotch Ale Night in West Glenville…

One of our Founders had it right (scour recent Facebook posts to find out which one) and we hope many of you played this one just like she did…made it to the Brewery in time to snag some Christmas Scotch Ale and kept that lid on tight until tonight.

Sipping Scotch Ale while the snow piles up  on a cold December night before Christmas- now that’s exactly the kind of thing we had in mind when we dreamed up this whole project.  And when the Scotch Ale runs out over the next few weeks we’ll be right there for your frigid January/February nights with the next Seasonal Brew (check the website this week for the announcement).

Maybe you didn’t reach for the CSA this evening…what’s your WHBC brew of choice tonight?  Share your story on how you weathered the first winter storm of the season in your neighborhood in the comment section or on Facebook.

Here in West Glenville, next week’s beer is bubbling away in fermenters, the woodpiles are packed into sheds, the ski hill is filling up with snow and we’re ready for the last WHBC Thursday of 2013.

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