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Getting Our Big-Boy Pants On

Hey folks,

We are so excited to share some great news with you all. We have secured our necessary funding thanks to the very generous gifts of so many people who believe in the Wolf Hollow dream. As we move a little bit further along we will dedicate a portion of this website to honoring those individuals who have given so freely of their financial gifts to help us to realize this dream.

Because of those gifts, we were able to check a few things off our list. You’ll see there that not only have we placed our order with Sabco for a shiny new Brew Magic, and all the necessary accoutrement, we have also submitted our application to the Federal Tax and Trade Bureau. Funny how much the feds really want to know when someone wants to make a buck off of beer! This may seem like a small bit of news, but if you have ever seen an application for something like this, you would understand our sheer joy at the thought of someone else having to read through it page by page!

Shortly to follow the TTB application, we will be submitting the NYS Liquor Authority Application, which only requires a few more pieces of documentation. Yes, they actually want more than the Feds. Once we receive approval from these authorities, we have just a few more small hoops to jump through and then we can start looking at a grand opening date.

This website, now that the ball is rolling, will be updated regularly, so keep coming back and share the link with your friends! Remember that you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Thanks again to all those brave souls who put their trust in us. We will do our best to bring you high quality craft beer that not only tastes great, but builds up our community as well.

Your Beer. Brewed Here…. very soon!

Brewer J
Wolf Hollow Brewing Company

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