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Dawn of the Wolf Hollow Brewing Co.

The Director of Brewing Operations (Brewer J) at Wolf Hollow was out of town for a few days last week which gave the Assistant Brewer (Brewer P) an “opportunity” to wake up with the Sabco at 5am and log some hours in the brewhouse.  Being up at 4:45  (minimum time necessary to make coffee and stagger down the road to open the building) on COLD, wintery mornings is not our favorite part about keeping WHBC going…but there are certainly some benefits.

First, there is lots of “quiet time” when it is just the brewer and the system, some wonderful aromas, and the chance to carefully craft the product that so many of our friends and family will enjoy in the coming weeks.  And then there is this –somewhere after the first batch is mashed in, you stop prepping the hops and sanitizing equipment and look up from your recipe to just peak at the outside world through the brewery windows.  After wiping away the steam from the District 6 that was bubbling behind me, I  saw this last Friday morning:

photo copy 4

As I was brewing some of the last beers of 2013, the sunrise reminded me of just how far we have come at the “dawn” of this venture.  As the sun sets this evening (December 31st) over West Glenville  – and on this entire year, we are very thankful for 2013 and for all of you who have helped to make our start so successful.  Our families will raise a glass together tonight to celebrate the dawn and to look forward to a bright future.

We have already begun plans for adjustments and revisions which we know will need to be made in 2014 and beyond so that we can fulfill our company mission and vision.  We aren’t resting – as there is much more work to be done.  For a moment though, we pause to give thanks and to look forward with anticipation.

So, please – accept our thanks and warmest wishes from both of our families to yours for a Happy New Year!  We hope to see you on a Thursday night soon –


Brewers J & P

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