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From the very beginning one of the core values of what Wolf Hollow Brewing is about has persisted, that of craftsmanship. Our brew has always been created with care, showing the ingredients and the process respect and nurturing the best quality product from quality ingredients. If you’ve had our beer then you know what we’re talking about. If you’ve yet to try it, you’ll know when you taste it what quality beer should be. Attention to detail from the water to the grain to the hops.


Our mission and values statement on the website echoes the sentiment as well and we are proud to say that from the original half barrel system to the new seven barrel brew house that mission and those values stay true to what we do everyday.

Now we know that more that just beer goes into making a great brewery. And so we highlight other areas of great craftsmanship. On your next trip in take a moment to look a little longer and some of the things that others have done for us in that same spirit of craftsmanship!


If you’ve come up to the bar to order a beer you’ve come in contact with perhaps one of the most stunning and subtle displays of craftsmanship, the cherry wood bar top. The cherry wood came right from the West Glenville hills and was expertly designed and crafted by Robert Page at Schrader & Co. The quality of work and the sentimentality of the piece are central to our new space and a true work of art.




The graphics design of our labels and logos spring from the creative mind graphic ability of Heath Ahnert . Enter Rob Tys. From Heath’s digital craftsmanship springs all of the signage in and around the brewery, which has been hand-painted by neighbor and friend, Rob Tys. If you stand and look closely it will blow your mind to think of this guy in his workshop just laying it all out by hand. These designs and signs define the character of the Wolf Hollow taproom and we are honored to have their fingerprints everywhere we look.


Come in and see for yourself what a community of committed craftspeople can create, we love having you be a part of it!  See you this weekend!

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