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Company presentations and Cask night celebrations!

It was a busy week for Wolf Hollow.  Last Thursday we were invited to Schrader and Company to offer their employees a brief presentation on how we started our business, the craft brewing process, and of course – a tasting of all four brews.  We brought a cask ale with us (super-hopped Wolf Hollow Amber) and enjoyed it with the Schrader and Co. employees before sharing it with our customers in the testing room.  Our thanks to Silas Schrader for inviting us to share our story.  Check out the Schrader Facebook page and website to learn more about a local building/remodeling company with a commitment to excellence.  Their employees, customer service, and quality of work are all top notch!


Friday evening after we closed up the Brewery we needed north to The Cock-n-Bull where a similar cask was on tap and we enjoyed great food, Wolf Hollow Amber, and an awesome summer evening on the patio.  Our thanks to Rick Sleeper and his staff for all their work to make for an enjoyable evening with so many friends.

If you like cask ales – or would like to give them a try…mark your calendars for August 22nd!  More news to follow…

What’s not to love about tapping a fresh cask???


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