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Brewing “green”

Wolf Hollow Brewing Co. is associated with a lot of colors.  From the “Adirondack Trail Sign” color scheme of our to “main logo” to the various signature shades of each of the unique beer labels.


But, no matter the style of beer, we are always interested in being GREEN.  If you have been around our brewery you know that our only retail focus right now is selling beer in glass growlers (2 sizes you can purchase at WHBC) which are owned by our customers and essentially constitute an ongoing recycling process.

Additionally, all our “spent grains” from the mash which helps make the delicious brew that fills your growler gets poured out in a steaming pile of goodness for the local chickens of West Glenville.  Here’s a picture of this week’s grain being enjoyed by the Brewmaster’s chickens.  When these guys are overfed we share the wealth with other local birds that are naturally fed.

Chicken 1 Chicken 2


Breweries also use significant amounts of warm/hot water and we are continuing to explore alternative methods for heating the water that we need.  Striving for sustainable practices in the microbrew business will be an ongoing part of our mission at WHBC as we grow and develop.  If you have ideas or resources pertaining to this topic we’d love to talk with you.

Your Beer. Brewed Here.  Your Grains. Enjoyed Here!

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