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Big Changes at Wolf Hollow

As many of you know, we have been talking about our expansion project for a while now and kept using the word “soon.” Well, this morning, soon became a reality. We are delighted to officially welcome our two new 15 barrel fermenters to the brewhouse! Along with these new tanks there have been some other projects going on around the brewery you may also have noticed. Last week we put in a brand new septic system, which you can still see right now when you pull into the parking lot on the left side. This new system will allow us to handled the scaled up beer production. Another project that most have not seen is the new keg refrigerator that has been constructed in the back barn. This fridge is now home to the 200+ new kegs that arrived on the truck along with the fermenters this morning and will also soon be operational to help store all the new beer! We are so excited to share these exciting times with all you, our dedicated community which without you none of this would have been possible. We hope to see you all down at the Hollow in the coming weeks to celebrate with us and check out the shiny new toys.

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