Our Vision

Wolf Hollow Brewing Company envisions a style of beer that is intentionally created to enhance our local community by providing a fresh, quality product that exhibits the uniqueness of the place in which it is brewed and the people who enjoy it.

In an effort to bring the “micro” back to micro-brew, WHBC will focus on crafting beer and relationships. We believe that there is great value in the power of good beer to bring people together and that the more we grow as a community, the more good things might come from the building up of those relationships. To this end, WHBC will be a hub around which our small town of West Glenville might become even more connected. WHBC is not designed to be the next Sam Adams, but instead to stay true to the community from which it springs and to always do its best to provide its local residents, friends, and neighbors with world-class quality beer that they can truly call their own. We like to say that we have a BIG vision, operating on a SMALL scale. We wanted to concentrate on perfecting the craft and focus on our product and our customers in a responsible way.

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Our Mission

Wolf Hollow Brewing Company will create true, local, craft beer, captured on draught for peak freshness, and enjoyed at home by the local community. By educating and understand the community in which it lies, WHBC's regular and seasonal offerings will become the preeminent choice of local beer drinkers.

To make this a reality WHBC will only sell its beer in growlers, believing that packaging beer only degrades its quality. WHBC will be open one night each week to allow its members and walk-in customers to come in and fill their growlers up for the week. Yes that’s right, we said “members!” One focus of our business will be supplying beer for, and developing relationships with our WHBC "Wolf Pack" Members. Members receive a special members-only price, free schwag, and an invitation to all of our special members-only events. This Wolf Pack, our West Glenville “growler club,” will become the hottest ticket in town!